Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Perfect Man MV was leaked at Youtube

There has been a rather late realisation to the leakout case of singer WheeSung’s new song ‘Perfect Man’.

WheeSung’s company said on 28th October, “The song ‘Perfect Man’ has been leaked on the video streaming site Youtube on 24th October. Upon the discovery of the leakout, uploaders for it on Youtube were given the warning of infringement of copyrights, parties responsible for the leakout will also face legal actions.”

It has also been known that fans have sent protest letters in to request for the song to be taken off from the internet before the actual release.

A representative of the company said, “From our investigations, it was known that a 18-year-old foreigner was the one who started the music leakout. It is from this foreigner that we received messages of content that says, ‘I am sorry. I didn’t know that I have distributed a what was meant to be a secretly-released song’. “

Right now, cyber investigators are still looking into and tracking down this person who first leak the song.

Meanwhile, the slow jam song ‘Perfect Man’ was officially revealed on 27th October and has thus far been popular on various music sites.

And singer Lee Hyori would be the female lead to WheeSung’s upcoming MV. She also did the narration for Wheesung’s “별이 지다..”

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