Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Personal Preference drama has been cancelled

It has been revealed that the MBC drama "Personal Preference" has been cancelled. This drama became a hot topic when the possible casting of actress Yoon Eun Hye as the main lead actress was released.

Today on the 14th, PP's Kim SangHo PD revealed that the production of PP was cancelled. Saying, "We decided to abort it during the planning process" and that, "there were a number of reasons but we went through rough casting negotiations due to the excessive media coverage of the cast news which were released before official casting confirmation was done."

Kim PD also added that YEH was the one whom they most desired as their lead actress, but unfortunately they were in a situation where they were unable to proceed with the casting once they received rejection from YEH's side.

PP is a drama based off the romance novel of the same name, written by author Lee Saein. This drama was to be plotted around the life and instances of a frivolous lady who's after a gay room mate and the happenings between the two characters.

In addition, the actor to play alongside YEH was speculated to be YEH's partner from "Goong" Joo Ji Hoon, however Kim PD confirmed that, "I have neither met nor contacted Joo Ji H'oon's reps [regarding this]

The drama "Personal Preference" was meant to have been taken up by Kim Sangho of "Fantasy Couple" and acted out by lead actress of "Coffee Prince" Yoon Eun Hye, which had brought about hot attention.

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