Saturday, October 11, 2008

Promotion for the movie "Connected"

It is already 20 days count down for FanFan's "We are friends" concert. Yesterday Da S invited Fanfan to the gym and practiced yoga to relieve stress, relax muscles. FanFan was amazed at Da S's perfect yoga moves. Da S said that practicing Yoga, one has to integrate the body, the mind and the spirit. For the past three years, not only she gained breathing control, but also improved her scoliosis

Da S started her Yoga lesson three years ago. She practices Yoga whenever she has free time. Sometimes she paused her practice due to her busy working schedule. The teacher thinks that Da S is very talented in this area. She has made progress in flexibility and muscular endurance. Da S told Fan Fan " You listen to your breathing, try not to feel the pain. Even if you are tired, you still need to breathe smoothly. You need to endure the pain."

After Da S finishes her promotion for the movie "Connected", she will go on to promote "My so called Love".

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