Friday, October 31, 2008

Rain is Korea's most hot male artistes

Asia's Star Rain is super thrifty, spending on 50,000won (~US$35) per month!

Rain is one of Korea's most hot male artistes, but he still has a habit saving money, a habit he developed since young, hence saving a huge amount of his earnings in the bank.

According to Korea's media, Rain has always been letting his father handle his bankbook, he doesn't even know how many bankbooks there are to his name. Every month, he gets 50,000won as pocket money from his father and that makes up for his monthly expenses.

Rain is also different from other artistes who love branded stuff, he hardly buys any expensive and branded products. He once said that even though he received branded presents, he won't spend money buying those branded products for himself.

Even though Rain is usually so thrifty, he still feels that there are times where he is generous. After the Tae An oil spill inccident last year, Rain generously donated 300,000,000 won worth of drinking water and winter clothes to the residents there. At the same time, he actively participated in various public welfare donation activities.

At the recent Savings Day in Korea, Rain received an award, saying "To me, a penny saved is a penny earned, even thought it may seem little, but there will be a huge amount if you save over a long period of time. I hope that everyone will be able to develop the habit of saving during times like this where the economy is not doing well".

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