Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sammul Chan accepted an radio interview

Yesterday Sammul Chan accepted an radio interview with Hong Kong Commerical radio. He responded to the stalking incident of receiving calls and messages from a unknown person. He said since the incident has been exposed to the public things have got better. He didn't receive any more calls or messages from this person. But last week someone rang his doorbell but when he opened the door nobody was present. Although he is scared he has no money to move properties. That is why he installed a security device. Sammul is currently to afraid to go out and even if he goes to the supermarket he will wear a cap so he won't be recognised. When he is throwing out the garbage he will chat on his handphone in order to feel comfortable. But he didn't have nightmares. Also it was reported that while he was in Iceland filming a documentary he specifically took care of Stephen Chan, such as preparing a hot pad. Sammul denied this and said there was no such thing. But he did not appear annoyed with the reports because he said people who know him will know what kind of person he is.

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