Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shaorn Chan and Jacqueline Chong at Koon Tong APM shopping mall

Shaorn Chan and Jacqueline Chong dressed up as charming dolly in Koon Tong APM shopping mall for a promotion activity for Christmas yesterday. Sharon is a good friend of Nancy Wu, who doesn't get along with Jacqueline. In the shopping mall, Sharon and Jacqueline were having pictures taken together. Sharon told reporters "We are not embarrassed but I wouldn't want to be the peacemaker. I won't interfere either; I think adults should know what they are doing. I hope their differences can be dealt with peacefully."

Jacqueline also stated that she didn't talk about Nancy with Sharon and she would not say anything in her blog either. Asked if they were both invited to attend a function, would she agree to attend? Jacqueline replied "I won't refuse and I wouldn't ask for more money to work with Nancy either."

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