Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Taiwan-based Mando-pop Fish Leong

Love is always in the air for Taiwan-based Mando-pop chanteuse Fish Leong. At least, that’s the image that she projects. After all, the Malaysian-born singer, who’s best known for her love ballads, didn’t earn her the nickname “Queen of Love Songs” for nothing.

But when the singer was in town to promote the DVD and CD package entitled "Today is Our Valentine’s Day", a recording of her concert in Taiwan, Leong also let slip that she was more than willing to start a family now.

The singer has already been rumoured to be seeing a man the Chinese press have called “Tony” or “Mr T” - ever since they were photographed together after one of her performances. While she didn’t deny it, Leong didn’t clarify who he was either, calling him “a good friend”.

“I think it’s hard to find true love,” said the 30-year-old. “The best thing is to remember that loving someone else is a bit like loving yourself - what you wouldn’t want to happen to you, you shouldn’t do to that person.”

“I’m ready to think of starting a family though,” Leong told TODAY. “I think women shouldn’t wait too long to have kids.”

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