Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vivian Hsu visited Changsha

Taiwan actress and singer Vivian Hsu visited Changsha, capital city of central Hunan Province, to promote her latest TV drama "Love's Art of War" (lian ai bing fa) on Monday, Changsha-based reported.

The plot of this drama utilizes the 36 stratagems of Sun Tze's book 'The Art of War' as advice for couples in love.
The play's protagonist Kim Jeong Ho, played by Korean actor Kim Jeong Hoon, has made full use of the war strategies to win Hsu's heart. Off screen, Hsu half-jokingly said the "leave somebody at large in order to apprehend him afterwards" strategy was her favourite and the most accurate for her in reality.

"When in love, you need to trust him first and then keep your distance," Hsu shared with fans from her own experience, "leave more space for him to love you back."

During an interview, Vivian Hsu disclosed for the first time the reason she broke up with ex-boyfriend Japanese musician Sugizo.

Hsu revealed that she was inclined to marry Sugizo once she got to know him. However, she found it difficult to deal with the fact that Sugizo has a child and Hsu always had the feeling that she had to share his love.

Hsu was photographed with Hong Kong actor and director Stephen Fung and thus rumours began. When asked whether she was the "other woman" that caused Stephan and Hong Kong actress-singer Karen Mok to end their nine year relationship, Hsu frankly expressed that they are just friends and need time to see how everything goes. However, Hsu added "anything is possible".

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