Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wentworth Miller starring in "Prison Break"

Wentworth Miller who became popular after starring in "Prison Break" arrived at the Pu Dong airport at 5.30 pm today and due to american serial "Prison Break" becoming a success, his arrival in China for the very first time gained the notice of many people. Wang LeeHom who happened to be going to Shanghai to start a concert arrived first and was surrounded by a few photographers. This caused LeeHom to be shocked but after realising that the media came for Miller, it made him felt a bit "awkward".

Wang LeeHom showed up carrying his guitar and his fans gave him some small items and followed him throughout the airport. Although the organising committee had arranged for 6 security guards beforehand, the whole scene was still very chaotic and LeeHom was finally successfully escorted out of the place by the guards. He left in a lengthened Lincoln brand car.

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