Tuesday, November 25, 2008

13th Pusan International Film Festival

Currently a member of the Wonder Girls who is also making inroads in the movie industry, Ahn So Hee is just only 17 (Korean age). Based on her appearance, you really can’t believe that that’s her age. Her adorable appearance has already won her an army of fans. With her debut movie I Like It Hot/Hellcats, she has already walked three red carpets at her age as an actress.

At the red carpet of the 13th Pusan International Film Festival on 2nd October, So Hee wore a cute black dress flanked by Park Joon Hyung and Park Jin Young. So Hee sported a dumpling hairstyle to complement her popular nickname of Mandu (dumpling). On 22nd October at the red carpet of the 2nd Seoul International Family Film Festival, So Hee wore a red dress with black leggings, with her hair let loose. Her appearance really got people guessing about her actual age. At the recently concluded 29th Blue Dragon Film Festival last week, So Hee one-piece black dress attracted the attention of many.

We can only anticipate an exciting acting future ahead for So Hee.

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