Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Aaron Yan’s cellphone in the drama

Recently, “Pi Li MIT” are selling their props, Aaron Yan’s cellphone in the drama auctioned for over 20,000TWD, however he forgot to delete all the phone numbers and photos, and one of the photos was an intimate one of GuiGui embracing him from behind. After the broadcasting station was informed, they immediately deleted it.

GuiGui does not avoid to say that she and Aaron have a good relationship. The 2 would often use their cellphones to take pictures of themselves, and even her computer table is full of photos with Aaron. However, GuiGui expressed, “In the drama, of course I have feelings towards him, however after filming, the feelings are withdrawn la! He likes girls like Rainie Yang, only thinks of me as a child.” Tomorrow is Aaron’s birthday and GuiGui said she wants to buy a suit to give him, but she’s afraid that she might get the size wrong, so she will give him a cake instead.

Xiao Gui is also rumoured to be with GuiGui for over half a year now. According to sources, during “Pi Li MIT” promotions, if one of “Double Gui” were not present, then they would phone each other, and their way of talking sounded like they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Earlier, “Pi Li MIT” were promoting in Taipei, and as soon as GuiGui saw Xiao Gui, she immediately ran up to him and hugged him.

Yesterday, Xiao Gui’s manager Zheng Feng expressed, “This is to stir-up news to promote the drama right? They’ve already been rumoured before, has already been clarified la.” He explained that their so-called warm feelings is because once during filming, they finished too late, and Xiao Gui was worried about GuiGui’s safety, so he drove her home. Zheng Feng emphasized that it is impossible for Xiao Gui and GuiGui to be together: “Xiao Gui once said, GuiGui is not his dish la.”

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