Sunday, November 30, 2008

Big Bang performed Sunshine Glow

Big Bang performed Sunshine Glow on the 28th 6:30 at KBS (ソウル市永登浦区汝矣島洞)( soul city ect ).
and during november Sunshine Glow has been number 1.

Apart from that big bang's second album (Remember) is #1 on the November Album Chart.
Also from the same album song title (Wonderful) is #6.

Competing with the 2 song Mirotic and WRONG NUMBER by DBSK aka tohoshinki. Big Bang achieved #1. It's a pity that DBSK aka ToHoShinKi didn't get #1 for 2 months continuously.
*meaning big bang came in and u noe took their #1 spot*

Big bang feel's very thankful for the enormous support. For the encouragement the fans has given to us we will continue to work hard.

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