Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bull fighting will be broadcasting at Nippon tv next year February

Mike enter Japan market, Settv drama "Bull fighting" will be broadcasting at Nippon tv next year February. The DVD was released earlier in November. Just from the dvd sales, Mike has earn about 25 million yuan. Japan media called Mike as "Asia first beauty guy".

Mike arrived at Tokyo yesterday to promote bull fighting. On the press conference, other than Japan fans, there are also some Korea tourists. They felt excited when they saw Mike.

Mike will be acting in Angie Cai new drama "Hu Jiao Da Ming Xing" with Charlene Choi, the media asked him whether he will afraid of having rumour with Charlene? He proudly said that he doesn't have much rumour with his co-star, even have, "is just for the sake of good of the drama only'.

Mike has lived in Japan before for half a month, visited there for 7 times. When the host asked him, which place he will bring his grilfriend to for dating at Japan? He said that Japan has a lot of dating place, if have chance and he has a girlfriend, he will bring her to Hokkaido to see snow.

Yesterday, on the press conference, the media called him as "Asia first beauty guy", he shyly said that, "before this I only heard about Taiwan first beauty guy". The new title given to him make him feel pressure.

Since young, Mike has allergic rhinitis problem. Now Taiwan is in cold weather, his old illness appear again. On the way to Japan, which is less than 2 hours journey, he had finished using a box of tissue paper, "the seat full of tissue, I am afaid to let other people see it". He was worried that he will continue sneezing and runny nose during the event, he has eaten the medicine and drink hot water, and he has turned better now.

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