Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christine Fan at Taipei concert

Christine Fan ended her Taipei concert and the 2nd leg of of tour will bring her to TaiChung. FanFan who once studied there for a year has special feelings for TaiChung and thus, in terms of concert content, FanFan has made adjustments specially for the TaiChung concert. She hopes that the fans in TaiChung will get a very different feeling and from the effort that she has put in already, it can be seen how FanFan values the TaiChung conce t alot.

For the guest part, not only will Hey Girl dance with her on stage, there's also company-mate Angela Chang whom she has rumors of being in conflict with. In the Taipei concert, FanFan and Lollipop danced together on stage and she managed to overcome her coordination disability. This time in the TaiChung concert, FanFan will bring out her dance skills again and have a hot and sexy dance together with Hey Girl. Continuing the trend of having a very important and high-profile guest such as Ah Mei, in the TaiChung concert, her big guest is Angela Chang whom she has been having rumors of conflicts with. Christine Fan invited Angela Chang so that they can quash all rumors of conflicts once and for all. Today at the Press Conference, the two of them used their close interactions to prove their good relations too.

At the scene, Angela specially brought out a cake to wish FanFan success in her concert and the two started a game of smearing of cream on each other's face which seemed to show their good relation. Angela even specified that "I seldom sing for other people's concert. When I do, the maximum is 1 song, this time round, I'll be singing 2 songs."

Angela who was just photographed earlier to have a double chin wore black tight-fitting pants and showed off her hip and leg curvature. She wasn't scared of comparison with "paper-thin" Fan Fan. When asked by the media about her gain in weight problem, she moaned "I'm really very skinny! Stop saying I'm fat!"

Earlier when Angela had a concert in Singapore, she invited FanFan to be her guest and this time round, it's FanFan's turn to return the invitation. The two will have exciting interactions at the concert and besides discussing female topics, when talking about the concert, the two started to share their experience with hanging on a steel rod. FanFan expressed that after the two of them had to be hanged on a steel rod in their concert, they both similarly felt that their lower body was very heated.

FanFan is going to show off the electric guitar skills that she has practiced very hard on and this time, she will be using the Q version electric guitar from good friend Makiyo. She wants to use her guitar charm to shock all the TaiChung fans. Boyfriend Blackie also gave a over hundred thousand dollar guitar to FanFan, an attempt to make FanFan's mood better because the concert has caused her to be very stressful. When talking about this, FanFan embarrassedly said that because of the vast amount of stress, she hasn't been in a good mood recently and boyfriend Blackie became her only source for venting. She specially apologised through the screen to boyfriend Blackie for often throwing tantrums at him. She also expressed that after the concert, she agrees to any kind of compensation that he wants. It seems like Blackie can consider proposing after the concert. The chances of success should be very great.

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