Sunday, November 30, 2008

Edison’s older sister Tricia attended a Christmas event

Yesterday, Edison’s older sister Tricia, attended a Christmas event, and she wore a T-shirt that was personally designed by Edison. On her T-shirt were the words: “Only God can judge me.” Tricia expressed that she and her brother, one after the other, chose to believe in Jesus, and these words tells of his thoughts.

In response to the rumours about Edison not returning to Hong Kong because he was scared of his safety, Tricia expressed that she is not too clear about this, and told reporters to go ask his manager instead. She also said that she has been keeping in contact with Yan Si Ying online, and revealed that her mood is a lot better now, and she is currently studying and has even opened a flower stop, however Tricia said she is too scared to ask whether she still keeps in contact with Edison. When asked whether Tricia has prepared a Christmas gift to give to Edison, she replied, “I have only just given him a birthday present – a Gucci paparazzi accessory, so I don’t plan on giving anything to him for Christmas. I often talk with him online, but we don’t talk about work, all I know is that lately he is very happy and healthy.”

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