Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fahrenheit’s concert in Kuala Lumpur

Fahrenheit’s forthcoming concert in Kuala Lumpur promises a good time for fans.

That Fahrenheit is arguably the hottest Mando-pop boyband since F4 can be seen by the crowd of young fans milling around the hotel lobby and at various entrances and exits hoping to catch a glimpse of their idols.

You could say that Fahrenheit mania hit town in a big way and the group’s hotel in Kuala Lumpur was practically under siege.

The four dashing pop stars – Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang, Aaron Yan, Wu Chun – were in town for a press conference to promote their concert tour.

Malaysia is the second leg of Fahrenheit’s Fantasy World Tour which kicked off with a two-day gig in Hong Kong on Sept 26. Both were sell-out shows with a combined turnout of 24,000. Following their show here, the boys are set to perform in China, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. Although this recent trip was considered Fahrenheit’s second official visit to Malaysia, it was the first time all four members were in Malaysia for a promotional tour.

Last year, only three – Wu, Wang and Chen – were present as Yan was recovering from surgery on a torn knee ligament sustained while filming a dance session for a music video.

This time, Wang arrived in a wheelchair. To allay media members’ concerns, Wang stood up to pose for pictures with the boys and clarified, “I really appreciate that the organisers are concerned that I might put too much pressure on my knee and over-exert myself so they have arranged for me to move around comfortably to avoid aggravating my injury.

“My knee is still sore and hurts every now and then. But, I really want to hasten the recovery period, so I can perform at my best during our concert here.” Yan was cheery and spoke in English.

“I’ve been really healthy. Don’t worry about me. We’ll put on a wonderful show,” said Yan.

All the band members are busy blokes, it seems.

After making his big screen debut starring alongside Hong Kong’s Charlene Choi, Wu can now be seen in the costume flick Butterfly Lovers, which is showing in cinemas nationwide.

“It’s good that I’m done with the film’s promotional activities, so I can concentrate on preparing for the concert,” said Wu.

As for the concert itself on Nov 15, the organisers are going for the big party experience with Fahrenheit.

“This KL concert will feature six costume changes while showcasing individual talents by each member – Wu Chun on drums, Jiro on the guitar, Aaron on the piano, and Calvin beatboxing. Apart from that, the concert will also feature multiple themes including futuristic, animation and Broadway, just to name a few,” said Kenneth Teo, general manager of Big Events Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Media Prima Bhd.

“Fahrenheit fans should expect a spectacular concert. The boys promise a rocking big party,” added Teo.

Having made their debut in 2006, the boys have two Mandarin albums and two Japanese singles. They were named Most Popular Group at the HITO Music Awards 2008, among the many accolades received.

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