Thursday, November 13, 2008

Golden Bell queen of dramas Lin Yi Chen

Newly crowned Golden Bell queen of dramas Lin Yi Chen, to promote for [Love or Bread], went on "Kang Xi Lai Le" on the 12th for the challenge of removing make-up, baby-like skin texture making everyone praise it again and again, but “Ah Ma” {domestic-servant type, housemaid/nanny} pajamas in turn caused Xiao S to ridicule: [That’s too unfashionable!]

Xiao S described Lin Yi Chen as a middle-aged woman lying on the sofa watching Korean dramas, Zheng Yuan Chang jokingly saying, this look of her makes him not want to fall in love at all. Lin Yi Chen explained that the pajamas were bought by her mother, actually she also really wants to wear thin lace shoulder straps.

The natural facial appearance of sex goddess Liz was criticized by Xiao S as having eyes without spirit, and pores that are rough and large, [My husband has always thought that you are very pure, but I wonder what he will think after seeing this episode?] Xiang Ying’s natural facial appearance also frightened Zheng Yuan Chang, claiming first prize for the poorest natural facial appearance, Zheng Yuan Chang saying: [I think it is better for girls to have eyebrows.]

Yesterday Lin Zi Xuan was carrying a 5 month pregnant belly and was sweetly with husband Liu Zhi Han on MuchTV’s “Jin Wan Shui Dang Jia” removing make-up, Liu Zhi Han praising: [My wife puts on make-up like a doll, does not put on make-up like the girl-next-door, the most beautiful.] Two of them are already legally married, Lin Zi Xuan said it was Grandma who decided, not wanting the children to have the word [adopted] appear on the household register.

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