Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hiroki Uchi is back

Former NEWS member Hiroki Uchi is back in the music business after three and a half years. He will hold his first solo concerts in Yokohama on December 20-21 and in Osaka on January 3-4. His last music performances were with NEWS in May 2005.

Along with Hironori Kusano, Uchi was suspended by Johnny's Jimusho after being caught for underage drinking and was subsequently demoted to trainee status. Last summer, he returned to show business in the Shonentai musical "PLAYZONE," and he was cast in television dramas earlier this year.

Johnny Kitagawa said that Uchi's suspension hasn't weakened his skills, but Kitagawa will make a decision based on these concerts as to whether Uchi will remain solo or go on as part of a group.

Uchi's concerts will also feature appearances by Johnny's Jr. acts like Question? and Akito Kiriyama.

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