Thursday, November 27, 2008

S.H.E’s partnership for the 7th year

7 years is no short period, as many would perhaps term it as a critical point of any relationship – be it lovers, married couples – 7 years seemed to be a test of any relationship together, what more could be said for partners? This year is Taiwan popular female group – S.H.E’s partnership for the 7th year. They have seriously thought about it, “Can we continue as S.H.E?” This reflection is not due to their sister-relationship going through the mill, but rather a “growing-up question”. Their next big step in life would probably be to get married, give birth to kids, and could they continue to be so bubbly and always jumping about excitedly?

Regardless if S.H.E’s brand name would stand forever, or would it stop eventually, the sisters have vowed, “As long as S.H.E remains for a day, we will spread happiness to everybody.”

In the 7 years, the trio started off not knowing each other, and was arranged by the record company to stay together in a girls’ hostel. They have conquered the stage of “easier to be acquaintance than live-in roomies”. Now, they have each owned their properties and even though they no longer stay together, S.H.E’s relationship is still very good. In their free time, they would arrange to dine and meet up with friends too. Selina said, “Our relationship is already like good sisters. Even if we do not record albums together in future, and we lead our own lives, our relationship would remain as ‘family’. The gatherings will definitely continue.”

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