Monday, November 03, 2008

Stand Up 2008 concert

Idol group Big Bang had their Japanese concert tour ‘Stand Up 2008′ which saw the attendance of 20,000 fans to the concert performances.

They had their first concert performance on 28th October in Osaka HooSeng Hall, 29th in Nagoya JoongKyung University and 1st November in Tokyo JCB Hall. Their second concert tour saw 2 times the number of fans as compared to the 10,000 for their ‘Global Warning Tour’.

Before their 7pm concert performance on 1st November, a 100-over-meter long queue of fans waiting to go into the concert hall. Also a while ago, there has been a lot of talk about the haste sold-out situation for the tickets for Big Bang’s concert this time. Also much concern was for the high cost of 800,000 KRW for their concert tickets sold illegally.

Big Bang sang about 30 songs in the 2.5 hours, including new performances of 6 songs off their first Japanes official album ‘Number 1′ released on 22nd October, and also individual performances to the delight of their fans.

For example, TaeYang did his solo performance of ‘Prayer’ and ‘Look Only At Me’, while DaeSung performed ‘Look at me, GwiSoon’. And for SeungRi, he prepared especially for this concert tour his rendition of Nakashima Mika’s ‘Eye’s Flower’ in Japanese.

Apart from their solo performances, for this concert tour, 1TYM Danny also appeared as guest performer performing the song ‘Without U’ and ‘Hot’.

Big Bang’s concert tour this time has also gained a lot of attention from the Japanese artistes. For their Tokyo concert performance, vocal Tachibana Keita of group W-inds, who won the best Asian singers during Asia Song Festival this year, also attended the concert.

Keita said, “There is this group who has been attracting a lot of media concernt and attention lately, which is Big Bang. Even though they are younger than me, also much capable, their dance performances were also enjoyable. Their performance was something to be jealous of.”

Also one member of group PinkInk (not sure if this it the correct name of the group, I just did direct translation) also wrote on her blog “After attending Big Bang’s concert, I went to listen to their other CDs. Even though I am not into Hip Hop, I like Big Bang.”

Not only this, it was also broadcasted on TokyoTV ‘RyuHa R’ programme, “We were surprised that Big Bang members sing so well.” Also on the programme, an official said, “Hip Hop, R&B, Eurobeat - from their music to dance style to their performing outfits, there is such a variety. Their performances were delightful, so are their individual members’ solo performances - they were impressive. “

With the end to their concert tour in Japan, Big Bang has also successfully revealed their latest teaser video to their 2nd official Korean album ‘Remember’, which is set to release on 5th November. The boys will have their comeback performance on 8th November on MBC Music Core.

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