Monday, November 03, 2008

Vanness Wu member of the boy band F4

Vanness Wu -- one member of the boy band F4, will open at Kanye West's "Glow In The Dark" concert in Shanghai on Monday. Wu told media that he felt extremely flattered by the invitation. "I was so excited I jumped in the air when I heard the news," he said.

Wu said he had long admired West and had been to two of his concerts in Hong Kong. "Kanye West is always surprising audiences. He's filled with passion and endless creativity," Wu said.

The two hip-hop stars will talk about singing together in Chinese and English as soon as West reaches Shanghai. Wu said he would play new songs and also perform his old songs in new ways.

Wu started his career by appearing in the TV series "Meteor Garden." He then joined the boy band F4. He now focuses on his solo singing career.

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