Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Big Bang and the Wonder Girls

You just can’t disconnect Big Bang and the Wonder Girls. Both groups have garnered 11 Cyworld Digital Music Awards amongst themselves since their debut and it’s no wonder that their songs are the most often heard on many Cyworld minihompies. (Off-topic: the Wonder Girls endorsed Baskin Robbins last year and it’s the turn of Big Bang this year.)

Big Bang will be picking up their 6th Cyworld Digital Music Award on the 8th December thanks to Sunset Glow being Song of the Month for November. The award is given out based on how often the song is used as the background music on Cyworld minihompies. Since October 2006, Big Bang has won five Cyworld Digital Music Awards for La La La, Lies (twice), Last Farewell and Haru Haru. Sunset Glow will thus be Big Bang’s 6th time winning it.

Earlier on 18th November, the Wonder Girls had won Song of the Month for October thanks to Nobody. This was their second consecutive win for Nobody having won it the previous month. Since their debut in 2007, the Wonder Girls have now won the Cyworld Digital Music Awards 5 times for Irony, Tell Me, So Hot and Nobody (twice), equalling Big Bang’s record of 5 wins then.

But barely a month later, Big Bang has edged ahead of the Wonder Girls. They do live up to their reputation as the most popular groups right now.

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