Monday, December 01, 2008

New film “My So Called Love”

To promote for her new film “My So Called Love”, Da S had a sexy photo shoot for FHM. There was one photo where she had to stick her bottom out and pose, but people laughed and said it was the hot girl version of orz.

After filming 2 films, Da S has not only challenged both her physical and psychological limits, she has also forced love (which she previously had placed most importance on) to second place: “Right now, work is most important to me, it is my biggest source of happiness.”

Although she did not feel troubled from entering the situation too deeply, Da S revealed that while filming “My So Called Love”, due to feeling pressure, she would often call her sister Xiao S and Fan Fan to complain, and then the next day, everything would be alright and she would continue to film like nothing is wrong.

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