Friday, December 05, 2008

New Film " She Ain't Mean " from Tsui Hark's

Tsui Hark's (徐克) new film 'She Ain't Mean' (女人不坏) is confirmed to be premiered on the 11th of December. Everyone is curious, as to how Zhou Xun (周迅), Guei Lun Mei (桂纶镁), and Kitty Zhang (张雨绮) will act out their characters on screen.

Yesterday, the character Guei Lun Mei was playing was revealed, and there were quite a few scenes where it was reminiscent of the case of Yang Lijuan (杨丽娟) 'crazily chasing' after Andy Lau (刘德华).

It is understood that Guei Lun Mei is acting as a wild and slightly babaric musician, although she has no lack of men to pursue, she still secretly loves a certain Heavenly King, an international celebrity 'X'. She would often make very strange moves, like talking to the air, thinking of him as her 'boyfriend' and fantasizing about them taking a drive in his car. When X actually did appear before her, she was too overwhelmed and fainted. These scenes really let people recall back to the time where Yang Lijuan was crazily chasing after Andy Lau.

According to Guei Lun Mei, when she first read the script, she originally really thought that the character X was going to be acted by Andy Lau. Tsui Hark also did invite Andy Lau to take up the character, but after much consideration by Andy, he had to refuse the role due to personal considerations. From this it can be seen that the Yang Lijuan incident did play a part in it.

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