Monday, December 01, 2008

Nickelodeon Indonesia Kids Choice Awards 2008

Agnes Monica the Indonesian pop princess had big triumphant in the Nickelodeon Indonesia Kids Choice Awards 2008. On this first Kids Choice Awards in Asia, the singer who represented Indonesia in Asia Song Festival 2008 swept 2 awards in 2 categories where she was nominated. Although she's not a child singer anymore, Agnes Monica seems still has a lot of kids fans.

Agnes received Most Favorite Singer; unexpectedly beat the 15 years-old popera singer Gita Gutawa who was initially calculated as the strongest nominee of all. However, Gita had so much pleasure performing two of her singles for the kids in this show.

Agnes also bagged an inspirational award called Wannabe Award. Agnes Monica has been considered as an artist who gives inspiration to the Indonesian kids to be a successful young person and have wonderful achievements at the very young age just like her self.

Special for Wannabe Award, the announcement was presented with a video slide of Agnes journey in showbiz from a 10 years-old little actress till a grown up Agnes now.

Having these two awards, the 22 years-old girl who will release her third grownup album told the children to not afraid of dreaming, and to make it happen, and of course with work hard.

The pretty artist who will perform in Japan-Indonesia Supershow next month said she felt really proud to be the inspiration for the children and felt she has a role for them.

"This is a very so much fun award event for me. I can play, and the ambiance is so cool. They still idolize me and I feel like I can give them a contribution starting from a little thing,” uttered Agnes Monica on the backstage interview after receiving the awards. "This reminds me back when I was still a kid and wanted to reach my dreams," she reflected her childhood memories.

When asked what kind of childhood memory that she still remembered until now, Agnes replied, "When I was around 11 or 12 years-old, a guy who's way...way older than me called our house, my dad answered the phone, and that guy told my dad that he wanted to marry me," Agnes laughed. "But we didn't take the proposal seriously".

Agnes also admitted the children nowadays are more into grownup figures instead of child artists. However she thought it was fine as long as the idol could be a good example for kids.

On the same event, the MTV VJ and Indonesian Idol host Daniel Mananta won Most Favorite Presenter. Luna Maya didn’t win Most Favorite Actress because the 15 years-old actress Cinta Laura beat her, but at least Luna who looked so gorgeous last night was voted for the ‘Artist Slime’ in this fully amusing yucky slippery show.

The glittery event that was packed with excited kids and kid artists, also involved a giant piƱata, a cow milky, hocus-pocus, cheerleaders, and of course the slimy slimes. The show was hosted by former child actress Tasya who’s now become a sixteen years old beautiful girl, actors Tora Sudiro and Ringgo.

Some artists who presented the awards were Christian Sugiono, Tika Panggabean, Raffi Ahmad, Marshanda, kids from the film Laskar Pelangi, Nikita Willy, all the VJs of MTV, and many more. The performers who rocked the stage besides Gita Gutawa were Afgan, the energetic Nidji, D'Massive, kids from Idola Cilik (Little Idol), Cinta Laura, Project Pop and many more.

Agnes didn’t prepare to come for the show because she was sick the day before but managed to come in the end. All the winners came to the show, except Sponge Bob who got locked in the toilet. Well, congratulation guys!

Complete Winners List:
Most Favorite Female Singer: Agnes Monica
Most Favorite Male Singer: Afgan
Most Favorite Actress: Cinta Laura
Most Favorite Actor: Dude Herlino
Most Favorite Presenter: Daniel Mananta
Most Favorite Band: D'Massive
Most Favorite Cartoon: Sponge Bob
Most Favorite Athlete: Chris John
Wannabe Award: Agnes Monica
Best Kid Model: Nikita Willy

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