Friday, January 09, 2009

2009 Big Bang Upcoming book ‘Shout to you in the world’

Group Big Bang’s upcoming book ‘Shout to you in the world’ has received the spotlight.

From the 8th to 9th January, on online bookstores InterPark, Yes24 and KyoBoBook, there were already 2700, 2600 and 400 reservation sales for the book. The book is set to come out only on the 28th.

The book is about the dreams and experiences from trainee days until present of the 5 Big Bang members.

It includes the individual stories of each member: ‘Creative instinct GDragon‘, ‘Speed instinct TaeYang‘, ‘Firm instinct DaeSung‘, ‘Endurance instinct TOP‘ and ‘Top instinct SeungRi‘.

There will be several events for the release of the book, including ‘Big Bang and InterPark Bookstore and readers’ meeting’ on 8th February which will only invite 200 readers.

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