Friday, January 09, 2009

Bernice's book about dogs 我們是一家 (We are a family)

Launched last year, Bernice's book about dogs 我們是一家 (We are a family) has received good response. Using the identity of mother dog Bailey, this year she will launch a sequel 絕世好媽媽 (Out of this world Mommy). This new book is mainly about dog receipes, Bernice spent six months time preparing and collecting receipes and also regularly experimented with new ways of cooking at home. Since she has seven dogs, her beloved dogs have naturally become food critics: "If they only lick a few times then turn around and walk away, this means they have no interest, they are my guiding light."

Although the release of the new book has been postponed since Bernice was in Canada to film a movie, some of the new books are already on sale at airport bookstores overseas to test the response. Bernice said: "This time the book is to help raise funds for children under the age of six in Mainland China who have learning disabilities. I wish to know more about their living conditions and hope to visit them later."

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