Friday, January 02, 2009

Chik Chak Music Awards Ceremony on New Year

Yesterday, CRHK handed out the second report card of Hong Kong's music awards. The "Chik Chak Music Awards Ceremony" was held in Asia World Expo. Besides being the first time the awards ceremony was conducted in the afternoon, CRHK's "favorite" Kay Tse won 6 awards to become the biggest winner of the 3.5 hour award ceremony. At the same time, she is leading the count for the "4 Stations Media Award" with 11 awards. Kay's competition Joey Yung also had a strong showing at the awards, keeping her Gold award of the Female Singers. Joey had 2 awards. For the male singers, singer-songwriter Khalil Fong won the Male Singer and Singer-Songwriter Gold awards. In addition, Khalil won the Composer award and a Top 10 Gold Song award. In total, Khalil won 4 awards, beating Eason Chan, who had 3 awards.

Despite some singers expecting no awards, they still attended the ceremony to show their support. There were quite a few rumored and real couples in attendance. While Kay won 6 awards, husband Louis Cheung went home empty-handed. For Khalil, rumored girlfriend Fiona Sit sat the whole night without an award, but was still happily clapping for Khalil. While Joey kept her Gold award, good friend Denise Ho did not get an award. Denise, who has always been a CRHK favorite, lost to Kay and the Bronze Female Singer award to Ivana Wong, who is from the same company.

Since Kay's 囍帖街 became a hit song, the competition between the female singers this year was fierce. Before Kay went onstage to accept her awards, she hugged Joey who was seated next to her. Joey clapped for Kay and supported her, putting the rumors of animosity between the two to rest.

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