Monday, January 12, 2009

Linda Chung at Lunar New Year Ceremony

Linda Chung attended the opening ceremony of an event named 鼓舞飛揚賀新春. To create Lunar New Year festive atmosphere, she performed Chinese calligraphy/寫揮春, arranged peach blossoms and beat on a drum. Linda revealed that she has already asked TVB for three weeks vacation to return to Canada for Lunar New Year: "Since I entered the industry four years ago, I have not been home to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family. (Will you bring a boyfriend to meet your parents?) I don't have a boyfriend, the pictures the reporters took earlier were of my friend. (Your mother urges you to get married?) Occasionally, because I am the youngest, she especially wants someone to take care of me."

Asked about Kate Tsui who will launch her album this year, Linda said: "I have not thought about whether this is competition or not, it's against my personality to contend. Singing and filming dramas are already demanding, if I care about things like this, it will be even harder. It's better to use time to do my own part well and also practice singing."

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