Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cyndi Wang maybe joining under 天晴音樂 (Clear Sky Music)

Cyndi Wang yesterday announced that she would be signing under 天晴音樂 (Clear Sky Music)*. Although her career is re-launching, relationships are put aside. Earlier, when she and Kenji Wu collaborated in a duet, they were rumoured to be ambiguous with each other. Yesterday, when Kenji heard that she was going to hold a signing contract press conference, as ‘Qun Brother’, he sent flowers to congratulate her, and was actually her only artist friend that sent flowers.

The 2’s rumours are quite bewildering; some netizens think that the rumours are only speculation. Cyndi herself also revealed that after they attended an event together at the end of last year, they haven’t met up since. Towards the reports of the 2 appearing one after the other at Tao Yuan airport to go overseas, Cyndi replied firmly: “Nothing of the sort, don’t know who fans saw?”

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