Monday, March 30, 2009

Big Bang along with the image of Hite brand

The new advertisement campaign for Hite Beer, ‘It’s good to be cool’ [outside performance] episode has been aired, and it is already stirring up interest. The concept of CF is Big Bang bringing back joy to crowd who are tired of boredom and tireness.

Big Bang members, who were spending time in boredom get into action when the siren rings. After driving in the city scene, they see a boring concert and people who are tired of hot weather. Big Bang members in blue firefighter uniform, give the crowd cool breeze of snow and passionate performance.

Crowds enjoy and feedback positively to the arrival of Big Bang and their concert. The scene where Big Bang members spray snow out of the hose and give an awesome performance is the highlight of this commercial. This represents Hite Beer’s goal of bringing back joy to customers. After the concert ends, Big Bang drinks Hite Beer with the crowd and enjoy the rest of the day.

Big Bang’s own song ‘So Fresh So Cool’ is used for the background music of this commercial. The chorus, ‘So Fresh So Cool, The time is now, Do it everybody! Everyone wants it, and can feel it’ is composed of addictive lyrics, fast beat and good melody amplifies the coolness of Hite’s new commercial.

This commercial was already in the centre of attention even before its initial airing; because the filming location was open to passing public, many fans have taken pictures and posted up online. There were already many virtual scenarios of the commercial and predictions.

Park Jong Sun, an executive of Hite Beer Marketing team said, ‘the new commercial definitely shows and collaborates the passion and coolness of Big Bang along with the image of Hite brand, and I wish many viewers can feel the excitement and coolness’.

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