Sunday, March 01, 2009

The JYP Tour 2009

Group 2PM flew to Thailand on the 25th to appear as the special performing guest for the WonderGirls‘ concert on 28th February.

Over there, the group had went on to radio and TV shows, fan meetings, album release press conferences as well as appearing as special guest for ‘9 Entertain Award’.

They held their fanmeeting on the 25th at ‘Plus Shopping Mall’ which saw huge numbers of fans showing up and they were touched at the sight of many plancards with Korean words written on it and fans have also shouted ‘Saranghaeyo’ to them.

Group 2PM have been popular in Thailand, and also member Nick Khun has also received a lot of attention on how he has been doing as a Korean singer.

After this, 2PM will return to Korea and head for America in early March to participate in ‘The JYP Tour2009’.

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