Friday, March 06, 2009

‘Love Song’ is getting very popular

Andy’s ‘Love Song’ is enjoying a belated wave of popularity among kindergarten children in Korea.

Because of its trademark heart dance and its cheerful rhythm, ‘Love Song’ is now being used as the morning exercise song for kindergarten children, and is now enjoying an unexpected wave of popularity.

A spokesperson from Andy’s management company said, “We heard that ‘Love Song’ is getting very popular among the kindergarten kids. Andy was really happy when he heard about this too.”

After gaining more older fans with his ‘An-sobang’ persona on MBC’s We Got Married, now with ‘Love Song’ winning the favor of children, Andy has once again expanded the age range of his fanbase.

Andy’s abilities as a producer have also received recognition with the work he has done for the new male duo Jumper.

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