Monday, March 02, 2009

North Pole Point release on 2nd March

A commemorative photo at the North Pole Point taken some female travelers in their 40s last April was released on 2nd March. What was special in this case was that the traveler being a Big Bang fan, had posed with a paper with the words ‘Big Bang Forever’ written on it.

The female traveler said, “This journey to the north pole, we only do it only once a year in April. And being a fan of Big Bang, we have posed with a paper written with ‘Big Bang Forever’. “

YG Entertainment, “We are really thankful for the female fans in their 40s to be rooting for Big Bang even when they travel to the North pole.”

Meanwhile, after SeungRi’s solo activities end yesterday on Inkigayo SBS, leader GDragon will debut solo coming April.

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