Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Star’s Lover from Choi Ji-woo

Choi Ji-woo’s romantic melodrama A Star’s Lover may not have performed well in Korea, but she’s heading to stronger ground to promote the drama in Japan.

She’ll appear at Tokyo’s Ebisu Garden Hall on the 12th for a preview event and talk show about the series, which will begin airing on the satellite channel WOWOW on May 1. (The channel also aired her 2007 action drama Air City, which is another drama for which she’d held a similar event, at the same venue, back in October 2007. No doubt she can expect a lot of questions about her newly revealed boyfriend, Air City co-star Lee Jin-wook.)

A Star’s Lover (which I fully intend to finish!… one of these days) ended with a bit of a whimper, buzz-wise, but this being a Choi Ji-woo drama, it was likely intended to recoup any domestic losses with overseas sales anyway, as they did well in advance in Japan months ago.

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