Monday, March 30, 2009

Tavia is the best actress in the drama industry

It is known that Tavia is the best actress in the drama industry. As her horoscope is Virgo, a lot of friends like to sit next to her and talk to her. Her good friend, Lau Cheuk Kei would often reminiscence the times when she and Tavia shared an apartment together. That time, both of them would always turn off the lights and watch horror movies together. When Nancy Wu broke up with her boyfriend, the first thing she did was to find Tavia. That time, Tavia would silently accompanied Nancy. Sometimes to comfort someone, comfort words are not necessary. Lending a shoulder or softly place hands on that person’s shoulder are better ways for it.

In front of her female close friends, Tavia will be more silent. However, in front of guys, she will be different. Especially Ron Ng as she is pretty close with him. She would always bicker with Bosco Wong in interviews and she would also always pretend to be a little girl in front of Raymond Lam and called him “uncle” and asked for red packet from him. Even she always play crazily with the male artistes, Tavia’s rumours were close to zero all these years. This suddenly reminds me of one of Wong Hei’s phrases, “Tavia Yeung is not a girl. She is a life.” ‘Life’ can be a name for good brothers/sisters. As Tavia’s role characters always stay in audiences’ heart, “life” can be referred as her identity in her friends’ heart. She will always by her friend’s side when they need her. She will always share happiness with her friends and comfort them when they are sad. In the entertainment industry, friends would need to treat each other sincerely in order to maintain a real friendship.

Due to Ah Yuet from Moonlight Resonance has received Best Supporting Actress in TVB Anniversary Awards, her popularity has increased again and finally Tavia has her chance of getting promoted. This led us to remember that Tavia has already taken her 10 years servicing award in TVB. However, 10 years ago, Tavia went through every day happily by looking for a love partner and afraid of not being able to marry before turning 30 years old.

Due to the society nowadays, Tavia finally understands that work is more important than playing around. As for love, it will be better to let things flow. 30 years old is just a starting point for a woman. Marriage? This is a bit over! When she was young, she wanted to become a police but in the end, she turned out to be an actress. She wanted to play a role of a madam and especially madam role in the 70’s which is not very capable. Basically, Tavia is someone that is afraid of wearing dress, make-up, and taking pictures, but ironically, she has to do this every single day now. God really has been playing with her and planning ahead isn’t as fast as changes in the world. Tavia Yeung who is going to step into the age of 30, will learns to be more stable and she will let her life and work flow together.

The two phrases “the early years” and “reminiscence” bring a type of feeling. However, Tavia is not the little girl in everyone’s image anymore. Backstage is the childish and immature girl but onstage, she would turn to a more elegant lady. Her poise and temperament really give the feeling of a big Fa Dan.

Tavia portrayed a role of a very elegant lady as “Mo Yung Suet” in Whatever It Takes, a very gentle and polite girl as “So Ying Suet” in Eternal Happiness and the royal princess as “Lee Sau Ling” in Twin Of Brothers. She slowly stepped up to the main actress position and also slowly gained more recognition from peoples.

After few years, Jackie’s image in Heart of Greed was no longer the “little girl” back then. She did very well as the “small third party” in The Building Blocks of Life and earned plenty of applauses from audiences. Even so, Tavia did not praise her own acting as superb. She always gave audiences a better and deep image than the main actress/actor.

Every character of hers left good impression to the audience and her images continue to change every day. Tavia has turned from a person who does not change to a person who changes all the time now. In February, Tavia would try out her first evil role in new series, Hong Kong’s version of “'Dae Jang Geum”, Beyond The Realm Of Conscience. With her 10 years of experiences and recognition, she definitely has more confidence to try out the first evil role of her.

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