Friday, March 06, 2009

Upcoming "Drifting Net Cafe"

Shuzo Oshimi's sci-fi manga series "Hyoryu Net Cafe" is being adapted into a television drama this spring. The show will star actor Atsushi Ito, who is well known for his starring role in "Densha Otoko."

Also known as "Drifting Net Cafe," the original manga revolves around salaryman Koichi Toki (Ito), who leads a trouble-free but unexciting life. One day he stops by an internet cafe, where he runs into his first love whom he never forgot (played by model KIKI). A sudden electrical failure traps him and the other customers in the cafe, which has become a strange universe of its own.

As the manga is still fairly new, the original story's ending has not yet been decided, so the drama will possibly depart from the comic's storyline.

The supporting cast also includes Reina Asami. TBS will air the drama on Wednesday nights at 12:29am (12:44am for the first episode). It premieres on April 15.

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