Tuesday, March 03, 2009

WonderGirls concert in Thailand.

WonderGirls SoHee doing her solo performance during the WonderGirls concert in Thailand.

Netizens felt WonderGirls‘ maknae (youngest) is over baring it. Is she?

Sometime back during their fanmeeting, there was also the talk about SoHee trying sexy too hard.

And also her recent Numero photoshoot

While a small portion of the netizens thought she looked cute here. Many were unhappy with the kind of image JYP is putting her up on stage.

Some of the comments were, “She is still a child”, “I can’t believe I’m seeing such a post here talking about this, children are also reading this”, “JYP is really crossing the line about putting the sexy image on her and making her do Beyonce. She is still a high school student; she had look so cool in the TBJ photoshoot”, “We can’t blame her for doing this image because sexy image is the concept for WonderGirls now, she can do nothing but follow”.

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