Friday, April 03, 2009

Actress Park Han Byul success her own dream

Actress Park Han Byul has dream of being in a girl band ever since she was young, and it looks like those dreams are finally coming true. She's going to be holding auditions for guitar, bass, drum, and keyboard players to form a 5 member band. Of course, she plans on taking the vocal role of the group. This will mark her comeback to the entertainment scene.

To spread the word about the auditions, she personally headed to the Hongdae district which has a high concentration of youths to spread leaflets. She also turned into a camerawoman and began to interview people on the streets about their music tastes. Even though Koreans are known for just walking by, unless being offered something for free, she was able to draw a reaction from the people. Park Han Byul also sought out guitarist Kim Tae Won to get some advice about music. He told her "Although starting music with a light heart is good, there has to be something that makes you unique."

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