Friday, April 10, 2009

Hayato Ichihara release the first song called " Life "

Actor Hayato Ichihara (22) has just launched his official musical career. Going by the name "Hayato," he released his first song "LIFE" as a digital exclusive on Thursday.

Ichihara is reportedly close to artists such as JESSE of RIZE, and since the age of 16, he has been trying to make his own music. The hip-hop tune "LIFE" features Ichihara rapping with lyrics that he wrote himself.

Before this, Ichihara rapped on screen in the 2006 movie "Chekeraccho!!" and gave away a song as a special bonus for a photobook, but "LIFE" is the first time that he has released a song on its own. "LIFE" is now available digitally, but it will also be coupled with another song titled "Noren" on a DVD that comes with his next photobook, "HigH LifE," on sale in May.

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