Monday, April 13, 2009

Kay Tse was promoted to be the queen

The night before yesterday, Kay Tse, who was promoted to be the ‘queen (天后)’, was collaborating with Tenor, Warren Mok, and sang an Italian song duet together. Kay wore a Tube Dress, and appeared very elegant. She disclosed that when she first met Warren, they clicked and started collaborating, and she hoped that she could invite him to be the guest-of-honor for her concert and said: “He verbally promised me!” Kay, who sang opera for the first time, was praised by Warren and said: “Trying for the first time, I said I haven’t learned before, and he said I bluffed him.” Other than that, Kay also sang 2 popular songs.

Regarding news that her marriage was breaking down, Kay laughed and said: “I don’t even know what my marriage was breaking down! (Did not wear wedding ring?) Sometimes because of work, I’ll remove it, I lost it once, but luckily I found it, thus I don’t dare to wear it out, after all the memory is more important!” Kay disclosed that she did not bluff her husband, Louise Cheung, but would not wear back her ring because of the newspaper reports. She said: “Diamond ring would scratch the kids if I bang into them, we’re both getting along fine, I am now busy with preparing for my concert, and his job is to help me relax!”

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