Thursday, April 23, 2009

Knock Knock Loving You new idol drama

Coco Chiang Yi fell into the water; Dylan Kuo PinChao dove into the water to save her. On the way down, however, he smashed his head on the underwater camera; his head bled. This hero wasn't able to save the beauty; instead, he almost disfigured his own face!

In CTS's new idol drama, 敲敲愛上你/Knock Knock Loving You, there is a scene in which Coco Chiang falls into the water. Unexpectedly, however, male lead Dylan Kuo wound up injuring himself in his efforts to save her! In the drama, Coco's character loves Dylan's unrequitedly; she tries to catch up to him in her wheelchair and accidentally falls into the swimming pool. The pool they used to film the scene wasn't quite deep enough; when jumping in after Coco, Dylan misjudged the angle required. His head crashed into the camera at the bottom of the pool; his head was injured, and he began bleeding immediately.

The strong and tall Dylan bravely endured the pain, trying [to film the scene] three times in a row; unfortunately, he also hit his head three times in a row. Coco also had to fall into the water three times. Dylan's forehead was bleeding; Coco didn't have an easy time, either. In the interest of realism, Coco had to pretend that she didn't know how to swim. She wound up swallowing a lot of water!

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