Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mnet Japan will broadcast 2 series on May

Popular group Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang currently are doing activities for a program which will be broadcast in Japan.

Mnet Japan will broadcast series of ‘I Love TVXQ (I LOVE东方神起)’ and ‘I Love Big Bang (I LOVE BIG BANG)’.

Mnet JAPAN made statement through their official website; ” ‘I Love TVXQ’ will be aired for 6 months while ‘I Love Big Bang’ be broadcast for four months,” it said. “The series will capture variety talk show, great live shows, and ended with music videos.”

‘I Love TVXQ’ will kick off on May 12th and aired every Tuesday while ‘I Love Big Bang’ will begin broadcasting on May 18th every Monday.

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