Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Pride For My Husband Latest News

Laughing Gor/Michael Tse and Teresa Lee were busy filming "The Pride For My Husband" in TVB City car park. Mentioned about the good rating achieved for E.U., Michael Tse was very happy due to the fact that not many dramas that can achieve such rating. Regarding the compliants from the public, he did not mind as he said the final scene mainly aimed for the linkage with the fourth instalment of this police drama. He currently didn't know what was his identity to first appear in the fourth instalment. Maybe he used his gangster identity to work as a police. Asked whether Michael will hold a party for celebration. He denied. However, TVB decided to hold an event for him. He will portray as Laughing Gor during the event when facing the public. Mentioned about "The Pride For My Husband", he did not drive as he had already suspended his driving license temporarily. Another person would replace him as the driver to film the drama.

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