Thursday, April 23, 2009

Raymond Lam’s new song (If Time Comes)

This is the fourth song that Tang Chi Wai and I have written for Raymond.

Initially when I have submitted my first draft, the producer having read through the lyrics, hoped that I could refine the lyrics to make it better. At that moment, I was under pressure and also overwhelmed with fear of failing. (The same thing happened to me when we were working on “Moonlight Resonance” theme song).

Nevertheless, little did I realise that the more I wanted to make it better, the worst it turned out to be. I know this is an important song and I truly felt remorse. As time is running out on me and recording has to be completed, I proposed to use the original lyrics, because I personally like the original lyrics, and it was also a work that I put all my heart and effort into writing.

After recording, miracle prevails over my fear, overnight, I have a total change of perception about the song (from OK) to (BEING FOND OF). This is a breakthrough that I have never expected. Raymond's performance deserves the credit. There are people who regard him as an actor, and do not accept him as a singer. But I believe that one should learn to look at things from different perspectives.

It is because of him being an actor, even though his voice is not perfect, the feelings he portrays when he sings unexplainably brings one into the song, he has a uniquely addictive voice. Cecilia Chung and Zhou Xun are good examples.

Because of this song, Chi Wai and I were very anxious about the outcome. And this is also the first time I heard Chi Wai was angry over some unreasonable comments on the internet about this song. There are people who critisized that they do not understand the meaning of the lyrics. However, there are also some netizens who defended me and interpreted the meaning of the song as [If you are an arrogant person and if you see that someone that you like ends up with someone who is better off than you, you will feel helpless, hurtful and regretful, just as the lyrics depicted……]

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