Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Saga no Gabai-baachan broadcast in 2010

Actress Pinko Izumi (61) is excited about a sequel to the Fuji TV drama special "Saga no Gabai-baachan." The original drama was based on a bestselling novel by talento Yoshichi Shimada, which told the story of his childhood living with his grandmother in the Saga prefecture. Aside from the drama, the novel has also been adapted to film and manga.

The first drama special aired in 2007 and was focused on an eight-year span of Shimada's life with his grandmother, up until his middle school graduation. It was a success, with an average rating of 19.2%.

The sequel will again star Izumi as the grandmother. This time, the drama will revolve around the young Akihiro (Shimada's real first name) in his early elementary school years. Yuki Imai (10) plays the part of Akihiro.

Fuji TV has announced that the drama will be broadcast in 2010.

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