Friday, April 10, 2009

Vanness wu leading Cast

Vanness wu lead Cast, Li Xiao Lu will be a female ghost.

The story background happens in Singapore Chinatown many strange things have said to happen because of many races living together. A youngster named Liang Guang (acted by Vanness Wu) upon his girlfriend's support went for an interview at a medicine oil factory - Guang Chang Tang. Unexpectedly, when he arrived, everyone in the factory were shocked. Coz he resembles their 3rd boss Cui Zheng Guang who has been missing for years.
The supervisor rejected Liang Guang's job application. Just
when the dejected Liang Guang was leaving the factory, he saved their 2nd boss and was injured as a result. He is then arranged to stay and recuperate. That night, Liang Guang incidentally found out a secret at the attic.

According to source, filming will begin in Guang Dong. After which will shift to Singapore, Malaysia etc, and will screen within this year.

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