Monday, May 04, 2009

Hong Kong TVB popular star Raymond Lam

The shopping complex basement area was filled with a crowd of more than a thousand fans who were there to meet their idol, Hong Kong TVB popular star Raymond Lam. His fans were shouting with all their might.

After the autograph signing session, Raymond interacted with his fans, and then, there were more autographs and albums for him to sign. Once the session was over and as Raymond was about to leave, there was a bigger crowd of fans waiting and rushing forward, soon Raymond was surrounded by his fans. The situation was uncontrollable. Raymond was pleasantly surprised and expressed: "It has been so many years, fans are still supporting me, I'm deeply touched"

Each time Raymond returns to Xiamen, his fanbase grew by the numbers. Last evening at around 7pm, even way before the function started, the place is seen to have already been filled with more than a thousand fans. It took the reporters awhile before they could march in.

Raymond first thanked all his fans's for their endless support. He expressed that he will work even harder. Raymond also said that he is currently busy preparing for his June concert, his new album and at the same time, filming.

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