Sunday, June 28, 2009

20th Golden Melody Award Winners

Best Annual Song: ‘Fragrant Rice’ – Jay Chou
Best Mandarin Album: ‘Don’t Want To Let Go’ – Eason Chan
Best Taiwanese Album: ‘Hold You Tight’ – Jody Chiang
Best Hakka Album: ‘Love To Eat Rice’ – Hao Ke
Best Aboriginal Album: ‘Self-titled Album’ – Nan Wang Sisters
Best Music Video: ‘Mr Magic’ – Jay Chou

Best Composer: Crowd Lu – “100 Lives’
Best Lyricist: Wu Yu Xuan – ‘Inside The Electric Car’
Best Arranger: Martin Tan – ‘As Love Begins To Mend’
Best Album Producer: Chen Jian Nian – ‘Nan Wang Sisters Self-Titled Album’
Best Single Producer: Wang Zhi Ping, Guo Wen Zhong – ‘Eye Colour’
Best Mandarin Male Singer: Jay Chou – ‘Capricorn’
Best Taiwanese Male Singer: Weng Li You – ‘Line Game’
Best Mandarin Female Singer: Sandee Chan – ‘If One Thing Is Important’
Best Taiwanese Female Singer: Huang Yi Ling – ‘Listen To Yourself’
Best Hakka Singer: Liu Shao Xi – ‘Fool Captain’
Best Aboriginal Singer: Yun LI Six – ‘Gaga’
Best Band: Mayday – ‘Poetry Of The Day After’
Best Performing Group: Nan Wang Sisters – ‘Self-titled Album’
Best Newcomer: Crowd Lu – ‘100 Lives’

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