Sunday, June 28, 2009

SHINee member Onew is back

SHINee member Onew is back on MBC Music Core looking healthy on 27th June performing the song ‘Juliette’ with the rest of the group members, with fans having to heave a sigh of relief.

Onew was on KBS Music Bank on 26th June when he had fell down and injured his leg while performing the song ‘Juliette’. And after the tabulated K Chart was revealed, he was around with other artistes congratulating So Nyeo Shi Dae for their win when one of the light fixtures gave out sparks and came down.

Super Junior ShiWon and KyuHyun together with 2PM WooYoung together with others had held on to in time. But Onew who was onlooking had received a shock and had fainted on the spot. He was hospitalised immediately.

Onew did not suffer from any major injuries and he was discharged not long after.

A representative said, “He was trying to avoid from being hit with the light fixture dropping and he had a shock. He did not suffer from major injuries, but was just in shock.”

SM Entertainment also revealed that they have decided to send him for close body examination taking in consideration that he lost conscious from shock even though he did not get injured from the accident.

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